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As Gingas Do Maculusso - ColectaneaAs Gingas Do Maculusso - 24




Feb 15, 2021. Archived copy. Archived from the original on. as do maculusso colectaneaas do maculusso 24 . Archived from the original on . A: The issue is that the.gz file contains a series of lines that end with ^M - ^M is the Byte Order Mark. On unix systems the terminal/shell knows what these are and will silently skip the bytes. But when transferred to a windows machine, the unix terminal treats these as part of the data. The fix is to use the unix2dos command. I'm guessing you have a version of dosbox somewhere on your system. unix2dos yourfile.gzip then you can gunzip it like so gunzip yourfile.gzip EDIT: As a nice side effect of using unix2dos the file may end up uncompressed slightly different. If you want it to be identical to the original you'll need to run dos2unix yourfile.gzip. I'm just saying it's handy if you have a mac to use unix2dos, that's all. “It’s with a broken heart that I can say that there is no more,” the physicist said. “But the price is too high.” Image The laboratory that contained the accident. Credit... Amy Bartner for The New York Times For years, energy companies have been extracting coal from the same underground seam that ruptured at that mine, the center of South Buffalo’s economy. State environmental regulators say they are concerned that the process can cause severe damage to underground water supplies, but the mining operations continue. “I don’t think it has been proven that there is an undue risk to drinking water from coal-mining operations,” said Eric B. Wilson, the deputy commissioner of the department of environmental conservation. “But we are going to continue to monitor these mines.” For Mr. Sullivan, the Republican who sponsored the state’s mining bill in 2011, the bill’s success was in part his own experience of a family in West Virginia that was devastated when the parent died in a mining accident and the children were raised by their grandparents, with little money for college. “I had a cousin who died in a mine explosion,” Mr. Sullivan said. �





As Gingas Do Maculusso - ColectaneaAs Gingas Do Maculusso - 24

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